9.2. Installing and A brief view of My preferred Softwares

On these section, I will give some relatively detailed experience on linux.

9.2.1. Installing ubuntu

Thanks the god, there is ubuntu for newbies. It’s easy to install. Nothing special to say, just be careful when you are formatting your hard-disk.

The software source I recommend to use in pku is that of bjtu.

You can check it out on http://mirror.bjtu.edu.cn

The speed is about 10M/s within our school net.

9.2.2. Installing Arch

I used the way of usb key to install the archlinux.

  1. Make a usb key for installation.
    1. I followed the way called UNetBootin
    2. And you can `Dowload UNetBootin From here<http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/>`_
    3. I do these on my ubuntu, and everything goes fine. It only takes about 160M space of my usb key.
  2. Intall the base arch on the desktop. PS: Here I enccounted in a problem that an error message comes up something like “Cann’t find the ARCH_201005 disk”. And rename my usb key as ARCH2010 solved this problem.
  3. Config the arch linux. I will detail these in the next section.

9.2.3. Config Arch